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We know it can be a difficult decision for families to send your child to camp. Leaving home for a different place and meeting new people is hard. We have created a new link which is one way of helping you feel more comfortable with our staff. We will add one new staff member, about one each week, allowing you the unique opportunity to meet us all. We believe that our staff are top of the line and can’t wait for you to see their value, to the life of your camper, and to our programs.  Click on the “Staff Profiles” tab above.

(OMK) Operation Military Kids: This will keep you up to date on our military summer camps and the Mobile Day Camp events which run throughout the school year.  Make sure you check out our new link above– “Operation Military Kids.”


(OP) Operation Purple and Summer Camp links above have been updated.  2011 application materials will be available here (at bottom of this page) soon.
You can watch exciting videos of summer camp at http://www.dvdrecorderwithtuner.com/.  Thanks! 


December 3-5, 2010
February 4-6, 2011
March 4-6, 2011
April 1-3, 2011
Please call Chrissy at 888-858-5069, x15 for details. RSVP required. Applications available online below. 

FORT CALHOUN-Pony Paradise
Day Camps run 10:00-4:00  with pottery, archery, fishing, and horseback riding
December 11, 2010
January 22, 2011
February 12, 2011

1. Start at I-680 and HWY 133 (also known as Blair High Road)
2. Go north west on HWY 133 for 3 miles to HWY 36
3. Continue straight north west on HWY 133 for 3.2 miles to CR 37
4. Turn right onto CR 37 and go north 0.25 miles to CR P38
5. Turn right onto CR P38 and go east 1 mile to CR 39
6. Turn left onto CR 39 and go north 2.5 miles to adress marker #5009
7. Turn left into #5009, follow dirt road over small bridge into Pony Paradise!

Please call Tony Lewis at 402-981-9178 for details.  Cost $40, meals included.  Sign up required 10 days in advance.

FREMONT- Camp Eagle
January 7-9, 2011
March 11-13, 2011
May 6-8, 2011
Please call Tony Lewis at 402-981-9178 for details.  RSVP required. Applications available online below.

March 4-6, 2011
Please call Mike at 800-650-9880, x1112 for details. RSVP required.

Do You Want To Learn French Fast?

When it comes to summer vacations, kids start exploring new opportunities that would help in future. When they are searching for the jobs; having additional skills would help a lot for a good start.

Some kids prefer to join karate classes whereas some would prefer to learn Spanish or French language during vacations. There are so many training institutes that offer French classes. If you are interested to learn French then you must memorize the French words from a dictionary. You have to keep in mind that patience is essential to get good results.

Putting efforts in the right direction is important if you want to learn French fast. You have so many opportunities in your hand if you possess knowledge of second language. Here I am enlisting some tips that would help you to learn French fast.

1. YOU can join professional French classes at Salt Lake City so that you have mentor who guides you and provide the appropriate knowledge of French language.  

You can go for the local community college or sign up for online French course. You can motivate your other batch mates to join you. When you have a good company who can share your interests then you may learn in a better way.

2. GO for watching French movies. I would love this because there is an additional advantage of watching movie; make sure you go for French movies with English subtitles that develop your understanding. 

Start with watching 2 movies a week at least; there are some sites where you can watch movies free. If you do not like the picture quality then you can rent French movies at your local library. Watching movies will help you to pronounce the French words accurately.

3. DEVELOP the habit of reading. When you make reading a habit then you will never get bore. Pick a book or an article or a magazine to read French every day. This will help to enrich your vocabulary. Start with the primary standard French books (Children’s books) and then move on to French literature.

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