China Travel Made Possible With a Visa

Details of China visa requirements are available online. They include instructions for what is required to apply and successfully acquire a Chinese visa.

Passports: You must have a valid passport to visit China. Your passport must have blank visa pages inside as well as a Chinese visa.

Your passport must have at least six months of time before expiring. Business and student passports must have at least 12 months before expiration.

Type of Visas: The most common Chinese visa is an L visa. Tourists are provided L visas when they visit China for sightseeing trips.

Business visas require letters of invitation from a Chinese or state-owned business or government agency. You can check this link right here now to know more about travel deals china.

Tourists who wish to travel to parts of China that are not open to outsiders must apply for a travel visa once they arrive in China.

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Forms: Declaration forms and L visa forms are available online. These forms can be printed and filled out before scheduling your appointment at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

China now requires a Declaration Form. This form is also available online and must accompany your application request for a visa.

Photos: China will accept black and white as well as color, two inches by two-inch photographs with your application. These photos must be recent and be included with your visa application.

Fees: China has a set fee for visa applications. A money order, cash or bank draft in the amount of $130 must be brought with you to your appointment.

Expedite: Expediting service for a Chinese visa is handled by a travel-agent expeditor. These people charge a fee for their services. These fees start at $40 and go up from there.