Easter Seals Nebraska’s mission is to create solutions that change the lives of children and adults with disabilities or other special needs, and their families.  Each person touched by Easter Seals Nebraska–whether a client, family member, volunteer, employee, donor or other supporter–becomes a force of change to assure all people enjoy independence, have access to participate in community activities and explore opportunities for social and economic growth.

Easter Seals Nebraska’s current Vision Statement is that Easter Seals Nebraska becomes the one non-profit organization in Nebraska:

  • recognized throughout the community for the quality of its services by all people touched by the organization.
  • focused on securing the most committed, capable, and giving volunteers and staff of any charitable organization in the community.
  • known for its unified sense of purpose and its seamless community network of services for children and adults with disabilities or other special needs, and their families.
  • consistently selected as the service provider of choice by people with disabilities or other special needs, and those who refer or make decisions regarding service selection.
  • constantly strengthening the public’s belief, commitment and financial support of its mission.

These values are the foundation of Easter Seals and will guide our actions:
We conduct business ethically, and with a commitment to moral integrity.
We expect people to hold a high moral standard.  When faced with an ethical dilemma,
we do what is right, regardless of the consequences.
We respect each other.
    We value the uniqueness and dignity of each individual, and appreciate the strength of
diversity and inclusion.
We share a sense of purpose.
We have an enthusiastic sense of mission.  We believe that to better meet our mission, we
must work as a unified organization.
We value excellence.
We value people who get involved and show a sense of urgency.  We believe it
takes excellent, confident and accountable people who create innovative solutions which are
valued by the people we serve.
We are customer-focused.
We value and strive to continually understand and pro actively respond to the increasing and
changing needs of the people we serve, regardless of their resources.
We foster independence.
We believe in greater independence for all people with disabilities.  We strive for and
continually seek to create solutions that enhance independence for children and adults with
disabilities or other special needs.

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