Staff Profiles


age 22
years as camp staff 3
I attend UNO for Elementary Education
home town Omaha, Ne
favorite food ice cream and pineapple
favorite color  All but mostly white
favorite sport or activity volleyball and swimming
life goals/ambitions Just to always feel like I’m never working, but doing what I love, which is working with children.
an embarrassing moment I have a lot, but the biggest one was probably when I asked a silly question-what an axle was in front of all the staff. They still make fun of me to this day.
favorite camp memory I don’t think I could ever pick just one favorite moment at camp. I have had so many good times at camp that there was a time when I was filling out a work application for a job after the summer was over, and I could not remember what job I had done over the summer for a job reference. I had had so much fun, that I completely forgot that camp was an actual job. All of the kids just made my life and job worth while. I remember standing and waiting to leave for dinner my first year and looking at all of the campers. I felt the wind in my hair and I just felt so blessed to be where I was. I felt blessed to have met everyone there. I just knew that I was on the right path in life and I couldn’t have been happier. I still feel that way every time I am at camp.



 age  21
 years as camp staff 5 or 6 summers, lost count
 education UNO, social work major
 home town Omaha, Ne
 favorite food anything italian
 favorite color blue
 favorite sport or activity basketball
 life goals/ambitions graduate college and work with people with disabilities
 an embarrassing moment getting dressed up like a girl for the beauty pageant (which i won)!
 favorite camp memory
I started working as a junior counselor at easter seals when I was 14 and immediately loved it. I have not been able to stop coming back summer after summer, and I have made an incredible amount of friends from camp; both staff and campers.


 age 23
 years as camp staff  3
 education  Currently attending UNL and my major is now Nursing.
 home town  Lincoln, Nebraska
 favorite food  anything without gluten!
 favorite color purple or green
 favorite sport or activity Volleyball and karaoke!
 life goals/ambitions I’d like to be a nurse and work with youth with special needs . I would also like to do a bunch of traveling so hopefully I can balance both of these things.
 an embarrassing moment  I think I felt pretty embarrassed when my cabin had to dress me up for a pageant. I was known at camp as Sasquatch # 2 so my pageant character was Sassysquatch! I had mud on my face and my hair was a ratted. I was embarrassed but it was good for me.
 favorite camp memory I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. My first summer working at camp was incredible and I have never met so many amazing people before!



 age 26
 years as camp staff  1
 education  Arizona Culinary Institute
 home town  Blair Nebraska
 favorite food You name it I love it!!!
 favorite color green
 favorite sport or activity Baseball, pool, camping, and hiking
 life goals/ambitions live life with no regrets, and own my own restaurant. lol
 an embarrassing moment letting all the girls at camp dress me up as a beautiful woman. I still think i should have won that beauty contest!! we all know it was rigged
 favorite camp memory My favorite camp experience is getting to know all your great kids throughout the week. Watching them open up, and experience some of the great activities that we have at this camp!



 age 26 
 years as camp staff  4
 education  University of Nebraska at Omaha, Under Graduate
 home town  Ulysses, Kansas
 favorite food  Any Thing SPICY!
 favorite color  Blue or black
 favorite sport or activity  Fishing, rugby, football, archery, wrestling, camping
 life goals/ambitions  I try not to think too far ahead, I just want to live it up and have a good time. I hope someday to have a family and be settled somewhere.
 an embarrassing moment
 favorite camp memory  Every memory of camp is surrounded with good, even the tough times get washed away by the smiles and fun we have. My favorite memory of camp  is my first day. I went out to camp with Mike Tufte.  I had never really met any one with special needs, so that first day was far from easy for me and I don’t know that I talked hardly at all.  Soon I figured out I was just meeting some new people that would become my good friends, and they just needed someone to help them with some adjustments to life…everything went great.  The rest of that day is kind of a blur and I was expected to carry my weight from the beginning, and I weigh a lot. The other staff helped me a lot that first week and all the campers helped us and by the end of that week I really began to love the job and the staff, but most of all….ALL the campers we serve. The changes I’ve seen in myself are the best part of this organization. The people behind the scenes and the people in the lime light are all working toward something special. Every smiling face silently projects the incredible successes of the programs here at Easter Seals Nebraska.